Live Events

  • Our Elite Mental Game staff will fly to your team’s facility for a weekend workshop.  


One on One Coaching

  • Only for athletes who want to truly take their game to an Elite level!  Our personalized package covers everything from strategy, mindset, hypnosis, advanced mental tactics, all the way to career planning after your sport.  Totally customized for each athlete’s individual goals.  


Team Consulting

  • Bring an Elite Mental Game coach on to your staff.  We know that a collegiate or professional coach is a full time demanding position.  From games, practices, recruiting, to game planning it leaves very little time for one on one consulting with your players to make sure they are performing with an Elite Mental Game.  Allow yourself to focus on the X’s and O’s and utilize our EMG coaches for peak performance.  
    *We limit ourselves for one team per sport for conference.


Sport Specific

  • Health plan – Supplement Plan
  • Video Resources